IMG 0357Two high school classes have joined forces for one, big, end of the year project.

Students in Theatre II and Digital photography are working together to produce videos as their final exam of the year. Three groups were formed for the video project. Even though all three groups had separate, private discussions about their videos, they all ended up writing murder mysteries.

Screen Shot 2017 05 11 at 9.15.22 AM

Upon completion of the screenplay, the groups began filming. With cameras and digital audio recorders, the students have had to learn how to take two things (audio and video), from two different places, and put them together. The technical side of the project is being handled by the Digital Photography students, however, some of the Digital Photograph students have found their way in front of the camera.

“One of the hardest things about this project has been the scheduling,” said Theatre II teacher Pat Flanagan. With the Theatre II and Digital Photography classes not being at the same time of the day, it has been difficult for students to schedule time to work on the project during normal class hours. Mr. Flanagan continued, “We have received a lot of support from faculty and administration to ensure our students have time to work on this project together during the school day.”

IMG 0358

It is the hope of Mr. Flanagan and Mrs. Gorey that this project continues to grow and could someday turn into a Cardinal Stritch Film Festival. When asked what he hopes students will get out of this project, Mr. Flanagan stated, “My hope is that the students learn how to schedule, learn how to be creative, learn how to work in groups, and learn how to manage multiple personalities. In the day and age of texting, it’s good for students to learn how to communicate face-to-face."

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