Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy
- Technology Department -

Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy understands a new global paradigm shift. The 1:1 Chromebook program will cultivate/foster/occasion/support learning that reflects contemporary exchanges and interactions. With access to a Chromebook and the ability to connect via a wireless environment, students and teachers will actively participate in the consumption and production of media, build and contribute towards social networks, and be active participants in developing ideas that can be utilized to solve complex problems.

Starting in Fall 2017, every 6th through 12th grade student will be provided with a Chromebook by Cardinal Stritch. This 1:1 program will supply 6th through 12th grade student and faculty with equal access to their own internet ready device. 9th-12th will have access to their Chromebooks 24/7, and are permitted to use the device outside of the school building. In creating 1:1 environments, the integration of technology is spontaneous or “in the moment” and mirrors authentic and contemporary applications of technology.

The Chromebook serves as a tool to advance the manifestation of 21st Century Skills. Already a decade into the 21st Century, we have to come to see the set of skills prized by the global community; skills that include cooperation, inventive thinking, networked problem-solving. The 1:1 Chromebook initiative is designed to nurture 21st Century skills and dispositions. The use of Chromebook supports flexible instruction. Students can tap into applications and websites to increase available avenues for expression and rely on a multimodal approach to present critical understandings.

Why are we utilizing to a 1:1 model for students?

Research shows that a 1:1 computing environment is the most cost effective way to implement technology of all the current models. That same research shows that continuous access to a computing device for every student leads to increased academic achievement and financial benefits. We believe that we can leverage technology to increase student engagement and provide opportunities for students to create, collaborate, communicate effectively, and practice critical thinking. As our teachers learn to work with technology we see the possibility for more personalized learning opportunities, both to learn at a faster pace and to fill in gaps in learning that are critical for future success. We are very excited about our move to 1:1 computing and hope that you are as well. We feel incredibly fortunate to belong to a community that values education and recognizes the critical role technology plays in providing a first-class education, and look forward to utilizing our resources to positively impact student achievement.