About Us

Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy has a rich history of catering to the needs of students both spiritually and academically. With more than 50 years of Catholic education taking place in the same building, Stritch has a rich history in forming disciples of Jesus Christ and preparing students for colleges and careers.


The Beginning

Bishop George J. Rehring first broke ground for Stritch on September 21, 1960. The school became the sixth Catholic school in Metro-Toledo and is the only Catholic high school on the East Side of the city. The school was named after Cardinal Samuel Stritch, Toledo’s second Bishop who served from 1921 to 1930.

The school sits on a twenty-acre site. The building originally built to house Cardinal Stritch High School currently houses both the high school and academy.

Changing Times

CSCHS has been co-educational since opening its doors in 1961. When the school was first opened, one half of the school was reserved for girls while the other side was for boys and co-ed classrooms were located in the center of the school. That changed in 1971 when the wings of the school were integrated to iterate the idea of the “Cardinal Family.”  

In 1997, Rev. John Stites became the school’s first President. Previously, all the priests who were leaders of the school were principals. That same year, Mr. Tim Mahoney became the first lay person to be assigned as the principal of the school.

Perhaps the biggest change for the school came in 2010, when the school transformed from a high school to a PreK-12 school. The change came as a result of three Catholic elementary schools – with their supporting parishes – and five non-school parishes in the Blessed St. Kateri Tekakwitha Deanery of the Diocese of Toledo joined Cardinal Stritch Catholic High.

The result was Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and St. Kateri Catholic Academy being housed under one roof. Collectively, the schools are now known as St. Kateri Catholic Schools.


Cardinal Stritch Today

Today, Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy is the only all-inclusive Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade Catholic school in Metro-Toledo.

In 2014, Stritch partnered up with the University of Notre Dame and launched a differentiated learning initiative to help hence the level of education. This approach to teaching integrates computer-enhanced learning with small-group and teacher-led instruction to create powerful and customized learning experiences for every child.

In addition Stritch also allows students to be a part of its STEMM initiative. The program offers students the opportunity to investigate course work and careers in rapidly growing fields. Computer programs and equipment engage students in real-world, problem solving scenarios. Guest speakers and field experiences further spark student interest in these fields. It is also the only school in the Toledo area that offers medical classes as a part of its STEMM initiative.

July 2017 brought a brand revision to our campus. The name of the school was revised to Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy. To keep the spirit of our patron saint alive in our school, the chapel was renamed to the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Chapel.