CSCHS students also look at college projects

The STEMM program at Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School recently went to the University of Toledo to compete in a competition against other high schools in the Toledo area.


The students ended up walking away with a lot more than just the experience of competing in an engineering competition.

The idea of the competition was for students to build a device with a number of obscure objects they were given. The device students built had to be able to take-off and land in a designated area. In all, more than 200 students participated in the event, 16 of who were from CSCHS.

A four-person team from Stritch finished in 18th among the other teams at the event. Their device landed just 52 centimeters from the targeted area.

At the end of the day, the competition brought a lot of enthusiasm to the students who were competing in the event.

“They were pumped about it,” said STEMM Coordinator John Agostinelli. “They didn’t want to miss it, because there was the possibility that we wouldn’t have school or there would be a two hour delay and so many people just didn’t want that to happen.”

In addition, the students were given an extra treat when they were able to look at projects completed by University of Toledo seniors. CSCHS students were able to look at the different projects and even ask questions about the projects.

It was good because they came away learning something new,” said Agostinelli. “I feel like I saw a light bulb go on; I saw new excitement.

“They learned about things that would help out people and the students were saying ‘Wow, someone had to develop that, and it will really help out someone’s life.’”