WaterTreatmentPlant2Freshmen and Sophomore students at Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School where given a special treat when they went visited the City of Oregon’s Water Treatment Plant on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Students visited the facility to see how Oregon filters its water so residents in the community can safely use the water in their everyday life. The field trip was planned shortly after the water crisis that hit the Toledo area. Students were able to see the various stages and tanks water must go through before it can be safely used by residents.

Throughout the facility, students saw pools of water both indoors and outdoors and saw how the water became cleaner and clearer throughout the purification process.

In addition, a model filter was displayed and the personnel who were leading the tour explained how each section of the filter helped clean the water to prepare it to be consumed. They also explained how each filter is cleaned using reverse osmosis.

For the finale of the tour, Doug Wagner, the Superintendent of Water Treatment, showed students how the water is tested before the purification even begins. This allows personnel to know which chemicals to add during the cleaning process to ensure the water is as clean as possible when it is distributed.