Catholic Schools Week Jan 31-Feb 6

Catholic Schools Week Jan 31-Feb 6 

Monday: Celebrate Community/Parish 

  • Parish Posters with sticky notes (during Theo/Rel class)

○ Each class will get sticky notes for students to write their names on stick on the windows of the HS hall under their parish 

○ Katie will provide sticky notes to classes 

  • Coloring activity for Academy

○ Katie will provide pictures to color 

○ Pictures to be sent their parishes 

  • Wear a shirt that support a Toledo Community Organization Ex: Susan G. Komen, Walleyes, Mudhens, Owens, Lourdes, UT, YMCA, YWCA, local non-chain restaurants, Toledo charities, Toledo Zoo

Tuesday: Celebrate Students 

  • Kahoot games during Theo/Rel class

○ Katie will create Kahoots 

○ Top 3 winners get a prize! 

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches for all!
  • Jeans Days with Spirit Shirt

Wednesday: Celebrate Nation 

  • Writing letters to the troops (during English/base)

○ Can write to family members who are serving/have served 

○ A class will be assigned to Jeff Lever’s Platoon 

○ High schoolers are encouraged to write to previous graduates who are serving/have served (Hannah Crosley, Ro Garcia, Jordan Scott, Shelby Farell, John Mackenzie, William Moore, ect) 

  • 7-12 Mass in the gym

○ Blessing of the sophomore rings 

  • Red, White, and Blue dress down day

Thursday: Celebrate Vocations 

  • Video about your call (to watch during Theo class)
  • Wear All Grey, Black, or White (Groufit)

Friday: Celebrate faculty, staff, and volunteers 

  • Teacher Dress Down Day
  • Candy in teacher mailboxes (office)
  • Mailboxes in HS hallway

○ Sometime before the end of the day, write a thank you note to your teachers and drop off 

● Academy students to complete art project as thank you’s for teachers Dress in your uniform or favorite teacher