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Fall Sports Schedules

Volunteer for Home Games! 
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August 20th, 2021 Friday  Freemont St. Joe at Clay  7:00pm   
August 27th, 2021 Friday  Delta at Clay  7:00pm  
September 3rd, 2021 Friday South Central  Away  7:00pm  
September 10th, 2021  Friday  Montpelier  at Clay  7:00pm   
September 17th, 2021 Friday  Gilmour Academy  Away  2:00pm  
September 24th, 2021  Friday  Hopewell-Loudon Away  7:00pm  
October 1st, 2021 Friday  Ottawa Hills  Away 7:00pm  
October 9th, 2021 Saturday Edon at Clay  7:00pm  
October 15th, 2021 Friday Hilltop at Clay  7:00pm  
October 22nd, 2021  Friday  Northwood Away  7:00pm  
August 21, 2021  Saturday  Cory-Rawson Home 10:00am
August 24, 2021  Tuesday  Northwood  Home 5:00pm 
August 26, 2021  Thursday  Toledo Christian  Away  5:00pm 
August 28th, 2021  Saturday  Delta  Away  12:30pm
September 4th, 2021  Saturday  Bowsher  Home  11:00am
September 11th, 2021 Saturday  Central  Home  1:00pm 
September 13th, 2021  Monday  Ottawa Hills  Home  5:00pm 
September 16th, 2021  Thursday  Waite  Away  5:00pm 
September 20, 2021  Monday  Toledo Christian  Home  5:00pm 
September 27th, 2021  Monday  Toledo Christian Home  5:00pm 
October 2, 2021 Saturday  Whitmer  Home  5:00pm 
October 4, 2021  Monday  Ottawa Hills  Away  7:00pm 
October 6, 2021  Wednesday  Start  Away  5:00pm 
October 11, 2021  Monday  Evergreen  Away  5:00pm 
October 12, 2021  Tuesday  Bowsher  Away  7:45pm 
August 24, 2021  Tuesday  Bowling Green  Away  5:30pm 
August 26, 2021  Thursday  EmmanuelChristian  Home 5:30pm 
August 28th, 2021  Saturday  Bowsher  Away  10:00am 
August 30, 2021  Monday  North Baltimore  Home  5:30pm 
September 2, 2021  Thursday  Northwood  Away  5:30pm 
September 7th, 2021 Tuesday  Old Fort  Home  5:30pm 
September 9th, 2021 (Varsity Only)   Thursday  Toledo Christian  Away  6:30pm 
September 11, 2021  Saturday  Delta  Away  10:00am 
September 14th, 2021  Tuesday  Scott  Home 5:30pm 
September 16th, 2021  Thursday  Ottawa Hills  Home  5:30pm
September 21, 2021  Tuesday  EmmanuelChristian  Away  5:30pm 
September 23, 2021  Thursday  Northwood  Home  5:30pm 
September 25, 2021  Saturday  Danbury  Away  10:00am 
September 28th, 2021  Tuesday  Toledo Christian  Home  5:30pm 
September 30th, 2021  Thursday  Rogers  Home  5:30pm 
October 5th, 2021  Tuesday  Ottawa Hills  Away  5:30pm 
October 6th, 2021  Wednesday Start  Away  5:00pm 
October 7th, 2021  Thursday  Waite  Home 5:30pm 
October 9th, 2021  Saturday  Swanton  Away  10:00am 
October 11th, 2021  Monday  Evergreen Away  5:30pm 
October 16th, 2021  Saturday  New London  TBD  TBD 

August 23, 2021  Monday  NWOCSA  4:00pm  Norwalk St. Paul 
August 28, 2021  Saturday  Tiger Classic  8:30am Seneca East 
September 4, 2021  Saturday  BSGU  9:00am BGSU 
September 11, 2021  Saturday  Stars, Stripes, & LGTS  6:00pm Seneca East 
September 18th, 2021  Saturday  Myron Cline Invitational  9:30am  Lakota 
September 25, 2021  Saturday  LC Extravaganza  9:00am  Liberty Center  
October 2, 2021  Saturday  Eagles Cross Country Invitational  9:00am  Pearson Park
October 9, 2021  Saturday  Fostoria Athletics Booster Invitational  9:00am  Fostoria HS 
October 16, 2021  Saturday  TAAC Championship  9:00am  Maumee Valley Country Day 
October 23, 2021  Saturday  District Championship  11:00am  Owens CC Findlay 
August 26, 2021  Thursday  Ottawa Hills  Home  5:00pm 
September 2, 2021  Thursday  McComb  Home 5:30pm
September 9, 2021 Thursday Monroe Central Away  5:30pm
September 16, 2021 Thursday Hilltop Home
September 25, 2021  Saturday  CYO Complex A 5:30pm 
September 30, 2021 Thursday  Montpelier  Home 5:30pm 
October 14, 2021  Thursday  Lakota  Away  5:30pm
August 26, 2021 Thursday Emmanuel Christian  Away  5:00pm
September 2, 2021  Thursday  Northwood Home  5:00pm
September 9th, 2021  Thursday  Toledo Christian  Home 5:00pm
September 16th, 2021  Thursday  Ottawa Hills  Away  5:00pm 
September 21, 2021 Tuesday  Emmanuel Christian Home 5:00pm 
September 23, 2021 Thursday  Northwood Away 5:00pm
September 28th, 2021  Tuesday  Toledo Christian Away  5:00pm
October 5, 2021  Tuesday  Ottawa Hills  Home  5:00pm