College Prep


The Advanced Placement Program gives students the opportunity to pursue college–level studies while still in secondary school. In addition to receiving high school credit, students whose AP examination grades are considered acceptable may receive college hours and/or advanced placement. Students who apply for an AP class must undergo a selection process set up by each of the various departments offering AP classes. This process requires that both students and parents understand the nature of AP courses and the demands placed on a student. AP courses are taught at a freshman college level. Each instructor has specific information on his/her class that the student and parent must review before a student is allowed to request the class. Any student who receives a “D” for the first semester of an AP class is subject to removal from the class. Students may not be allowed to take more than two AP classes per semester without the written permission of the Principal. Students who take AP courses do so with the intent of taking the AP test


Note: The College Credit Plus Program was formerly the Post Secondary Education Option Program (PSEOP). Students with exceptional academic records may opt to take courses in person after school hours or online at the University of Toledo. Students earn credit at CSCHS and UT. Students also may take courses at Owens Community College at a reduced rate.. Interested students should see the School Counselor for more information about the program and courses that are offered.


The Flex credit program allows students to earn course credit outside the classroom. Students create an individualized program of study that extends or enhances course work at Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School, and demonstrates an academically sound reason for receiving credit. An adequate amount of time must be devoted to it. Interested students should see the School Counselor.