Welcome to the Cardinal Cafe

Every day of the school year, we feature affordable, healthy, hot-food items for purchase for students PK-12. 

For the 2019-20 school year, we will serve breakfast starting on August 26th from 7:45 AM - 8:00 AM.

Breakfast Menu Option (1) Grab and Go Kit includes cereal, juice and crackers. Add milk and additional fruit.

Breakfast Menu Option (2) Muffin, yogurt, fruit, juice and milk. 

See the A la Carte options on the right for additional items available for purchase each day.

*This institution is an equal opportunity provider.*

The below cafeteria menu outlines the entree options each day.
Chocolate, Strawberry, and Regular Milk, along with a fruit side are included with every meal.

Important Documents
Wellness Through Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy
  1. Philosophy
    1. Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and Academy believes that children and youth who begin each day as healthy individuals can learn more and learn better are more likely to complete their formal education.  Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and Academy also believes that healthy staff can more effectively perform their assigned duties and model appropriate wellness behaviors for students.  This policy encourages a holistic approach to staff and student wellness that is sensitive to individual and community needs.
  2. Goals
    1. Nutrition – Academic performance and quality of life issues are affected by the choice and availability of good foods in our schools.  Healthy foods support student physical growth, brain development, resistance to disease, emotional stability and ability to learn.  

      1. Nutritional education will be included in health education for grades nine through ten.

      2. Nutritional education will be included in appropriate curricular areas.
      3. The sale of vending machine beverages during the school day will be limited to water, fruit juices (100%) and isotonic beverages (i.e. sports drinks).
    2. Healthy and Safe Environment – A healthy and safe environment for all, before, during and after school supports academic success.  Safer communities promote healthier students.  Healthier student do better in school and make greater contributions to their community.

      1. School building, grounds and equipment shall meet current health and safety standards.  The environment shall be inviting, clean, safe and in good repair.  
      2. Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and Academy shall maintain an environment that is free of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
      3. Safety procedures and appropriate training for students and staff shall support personal safety and a violence and harassment free environment.
      4. Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and Academy will work to create an environment where students, parents/guardians and staff are respected, valued and accepted with high expectations for personal behavior and accomplishments.
    3. Physical Education and Activity – The program shall provide the opportunity for all students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a healthy future.

      1. Physical education shall be taught by certified specialist.
      2. Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and Academy shall require one (1) credit for graduation, to include one semester of personal fitness (.5 credit) and one semester of an approved physical education course (.5 credit)
      3. Students shall be provided with opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction that will lead to a physically active lifestyle (i.e. athletic programs).
    4. Social and Emotional Well-Being – Programs and services that support and value the social and emotional well being of students, families and staff build a healthy school environment.  

      1. Students shall be provided the skills to express thoughts and feelings in a responsible manner and give and receive support from others.  
      2. Counseling services will be provided for students, families and staff when needed, and if deemed necessary linkage to community services may follow.
      3. An atmosphere of understanding and respect for others differences will be fostered to encourage positive interpersonal relationships.
      4. Students and staff shall be encouraged to balance work and recreation in an effort to minimize stressors which may interfere with health development.

Revised 11/3/2017

"This institution is an equal opportunity provider"

Wellness Through Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy Assessment

A la Carte Menu

as of January 1, 2018

Student $1.50
Adult $2.00
PK-8  $2.75
9-12 $3.00
Fresh Fruit $1.00
Extra Entrée - Large $1.75
Extra Vegetable $1.00
Extra Entrée - Small $1.00
PBJ Sandwich $2.25
Sandwich $2.75
Tossed Salad $2.75
Fresh Cookies (6-12 only) $0.75
Cream Cheese $0.50
String Cheese $0.50
Goldfish Crackers $0.75
Granola Bar $0.75
Fruit Snack - Large $1.00
Fruit Snack - Small $0.75
PBJ Uncrustable $1.25
Rice Krispy Treat $1.00
Soft Pretzel (6-12 only) $1.25
Chips $1.00
Milk $0.50
Water $1.00
Hot Chocolate - Large $1.25
Hot Chocolate - Small $0.75
Slush - Large $1.25
Slush - Small $0.75
Epic Fruit Drink (6-12 only) $1.25
Juice Box $0.75

Cardinal Cafe Staff

Sally Finger Cafeteria Manager x227
Maryanne Bacon Cafeteria Assistant  
Karen Molnar Cafeteria Assistant  
Roberta Rehard Cafeteria Assistant  
Donna Sinift Cafeteria Assistant  
Richard Rzadecki Lunchroom Supervisor