Join us for our Cardinal Kick off event and help up get the 2017-2018 school year going. We will be hacing an alumni mass and our annual parking lot party. 

Two high school classes have joined forces for one, big, end of the year project.

Students in Theatre II and Digital photography are working together to produce videos as their final exam of the year. Three groups were formed for the video project. Even though all three groups had separate, private discussions about their videos, they all ended up writing murder mysteries.

As our Kindergarten class gets ever closer to the first grade, there are still many skills that must be learned before the end of the school year.

Each week begins with working on a different letter. This week, the class identified the sound the letter “J” makes and then brainstorm words that begin with the letter.

Congratulations to Ms. Brenda Pahl for her Golden Apple Award.