Choosing the right school for your student can be a difficult choice. With a decision of this magnitude, visiting the school is one of best ways to get a feel for what life at the school is like.

Written by: Dekan Patterson '19

Every school requires money to keep it up and running, but how much does it actually take to run a school? Thousands? Millions? Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and St. Kateri Catholic Academy are good examples of a how much it takes to run a Catholic school. Catholic schools do not receive as much money from the state as public schools do. So how much does it take to run a school?

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The following article was written by Hello, Dolly! cast member Dekan Patterson '19. 

Musicals are not a one-man show. To make a musical happen, you need cooperation, time, enthusiasm, and so much more.  The actors will need to prepare to make everything in the musical excellent. There are so many things that will happen behind the curtain that makes the show happen too. But who and what does it really take to do a musical?


A new group of students were inducted into The Monsignor Michael J. Walz Chapter of the National Honor Society this morning. The ceremony began with a procession of current NHS members and the new inductees. Seniors Alexis Turner, Matt Szymanski, Bailee Burgard, and John Jardine gave speeches about the 4 Pillars of National Honor Society: Character, Scholarship, Leadership & Service.

IMG 9601Our country was built on immigration. Today, there is controversy over this topic that shaped our nation. Today in Mr. Machoukas’ Sociology class, juniors and seniors held a debate about the Executive Order on Immigration that President Trump has put into place.