Spiritual Life

One parent said, “It’s a wonderful academic experience...the spiritual/Christian atmosphere cannot be matched.”

Our mission is unlike any other school. Each student, whether five years old or 17 years old, is invited to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and a steward of His gifts. It is our mission to surround our young people with disciples who share your Christian values in an environment where they come to know God who calls them to a full life.

Within the Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy, we talk freely about God, pray and worship together and serve in the Lord’s name. Some of the ways respond to God’s call include:

  • Attending a school-level Mass each week
  • Participating in an all-school Mass each month
  • Beginning and ending each day with a prayer
  • High school students participate in an annual class retreat
  • Participating in Eucharistic Adoration and other devotional opportunities such as Rosary, Stations of the Cross and May Crowning

Surrounding our students with teachers, coaches and staff who are disciples of Jesus Christ and take their role seriously.

It is our belief that all children are created in God’s image and should be guided to be disciples. All students, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, participate in religion class everyday and attend Mass every week.

School-level Masses are held the following days:

Elementary School, 1-5 Middle School, 6-8 High School
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

2nd grade celebrated Jesus Day yesterday (5/1/19) morning in the cafeteria. First Communion is over the weekend so we are celebrating Jesus' love for us! They spent the morning making crafts about stories from the bible that helped them prepare for their special meeting with Jesus.

Click here to watch the YouTube recap! 

At the end of January, 45 students from Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School will participate in March for Life, the annual march at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., that supports the right to life.

This is the fourth year students from Stritch have participated in the march. Sophomores, juniors and seniors who participate in Teens for Life at Stritch are eligible to make the Jan. 21 – 23 trip to the nation’s capital, and each year the number of students who want to attend the event has increased.

The trip has become so successful, there is currently a waiting list since there is limited seating available for the trip.

“Students gain a greater appreciation for life at the event,” said Clare Smith, the director if ministry and service at Stritch. “We are there with more than 100,000 other people who are all standing up for the same thing and it is a very powerful experience for the students. They are just in awe.”

During the march, students not only get the chance to stand up for what they believe in, they also see how many others have the same belief they have, no matter what their background is. During the march, people of all ages and backgrounds take part in March for Life.

“The experience itself is just something that changes them and they want to be a part of it year after year and have that experience to take with them,” said Smith. “There have been a couple of kids who have graduated and wished they would have been able to go one more time because the first time they went, they were just so in awe that they missed things. So if they would have had the opportunity to go a second year or third year, there are other things they would have paid attention to.”

In addition to the march, students will also participate in other events as well.

The night before March for Life, students will attend a concert at the Patriot Center on the campus of George Washington University. Hosted by the Archdiocese of Arlington, the event will have upwards of 10,000 in attendance and live music by the Matt Maher Band.  

Students follow up the event by going to Mass the next morning to remind themselves of why they are there: to support life. The mass is officiated by a number of priests and bishops who also attend the march, including Rev. Eric Schild, the president of Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy.

“It’s a powerful thing for our students to see that there are Catholics all over our country who are all doing the same thing and believe in the same thing,” said Smith.

Students will also have a chance to see some of the national monuments. A must-see on each trip so far has been the statue of St. Kateri – the saint St. Kateri Catholic Schools is named after – at the National Cathedral.

While the sight-seeing and mass crowds can sometimes be overwhelming for the students, the main thing Smith observes during the trip is how much fulfillment the students receive during the three-day trip.

“There has been, for some, a personal conversion to have a deeper faith and take that connection more seriously at their local church,” said Smith. “They might be going to mass with their parents and things like that, but to actually see other kids there that are the same age and doing the same thing they are, that is a power experience.”


What is it?
Credo it is the opportunity of a lifetime for youth to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. It is a journey towards discipleship! It is the combination of fun, praise, and adoration where youth can come together to build lasting relationships, friendships, and family in Christ. 

When we meet:
There are still three more sessions this semester for students to attend

October 27
November 17
December 8

Time: 5:00-7:00pm   
Place: CSCHS Media Center



 XLT: Dates & Description

What is it?
Stritch Catholic is teaming up with parishes from the Toledo area to offer the youth a night of joyful praise and worship. With a live band, it is sure to be a night full of conversion and fun! Don’t miss it. There are only two a semester! The events take place at the St. Jerome gymnasium.


When do we meet?
We will meet twice this semester on the following dates:

Oct. 6
Dec. 15

Time: 7:30-9:00 PM     
St. Jerome Gymnasium

One of the main teachings of the Bible is reaching out and helping others. Since being elected pope earlier this year, Pope Francis has preached several times about going out into the community and helping others.

On Friday, September 6, students at Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School took those messages to heart and went out into the Toledo community to help others.

In conjunction with the United Way Days of Caring, thirteen students at Stritch Catholic – who are members of Students In Action, - helped plan the event so the entire Stritch Catholic student body could go out for a day of service on the west side of Toledo.

Scrapping off old paint from the side of houses and replacing it with a fresh coat, students spent the day revitalizing an area of town while also visiting with occupants in the neighborhood.

“It’s great seeing all the young people from Stritch Catholic helping others,” said Fr. Eric Schild. “To see so our students out here with some much energy and ready to help others is just an amazing event to witness.

“I hope that as all our students move on in life, they remember moments like this and continue to do the work that Jesus Christ encouraged us to do in our daily life.”

Students in Action is a national youth recognition and reward program that is designed to pass the tradition of service and volunteerism on to the next generation of young Americans.