NEW L.I.F.E. Program


CARDINAL STRITCH LEADS L.I.F.E. PROGRAM (Looking into future experiences) 

For the 2021-2022 9th-12th academic year, Cardinal Stritch has some great new additions to our 9-12 Program of Studies. One of our newest additions includes the Looking Into Future Experience (L.I.F.E.) Program. Our first Leadership seminar introduces students to leadership using Habitude for Growth Leaders curriculum. The course builds the foundation for understanding concepts of leadership, recognizing leadership traits, and developing leadership skills. Students assess and work to improve their own leadership performance.

Our second Leadership seminar empowers students to achieve their ultimate leadership potential using the Habitudes for Growing LeadersĀ® curriculum. Students further develop communication skills, team-building skills, and leadership skills in multiple settings including personal relationships, school community, athletic programs, extracurricular activities, and the working world. The course culminates with the development of personal leadership portfolios.