Campus Ministry

All students are immersed in the ministry of Catholicism from the start of the day, to the end. From Theology coursework to retreats, Cardinal Stritch models their root belief of Deus Adjutor Meus "God is my helper". All students will experience retreats, community outreach projects, daily prayer and Masses.
To help students grow in their own understanding of the importance of serving others and becoming
life-long stewards, all high school students at Cardinal Stritch are required to complete service-
learning hours every year. A Stewards of Stritch (S.O.S.) Service-Learning Hour is volunteer work
that is done for the school, a church, or the local community organization. This work is to be done without pay and
under adult supervision. Students may find service-learning opportunities on their own, as well as find
opportunities announced by the school. If a student is unsure whether or not a particular task would count as service-learning time, the student should first check with our Campus Minister, Mrs. Sarah Jackson.

To build a deepening commitment to service, the minimum number of hours that are to be completed
by students increases every year:
Freshmen – a minimum of fifteen (15) service-learning hours.
Sophomores – a minimum of twenty (20) service-learning hours.
Juniors – a minimum of twenty-five (25) service-learning hours.
Seniors – a minimum of thirty (30) service-learning hours.

To ensure that students are participating in service-learning opportunities throughout the school year,
all high school students are to complete at least half of their required S.O.S. Service-Learning Hours
for the school year by the end of the first semester. (e.g., Freshmen - 7.5 hrs. / Sophomores - 10 hrs.
/ Juniors - 12.5 hrs. / Seniors - 15 hrs.). 

Any service-learning hours completed during the summer can be applied to the upcoming school
year. All S.O.S. Service-Learning Hours are to be submitted through the MobileServe app or the
MobileServe website. High school students can access their MobileServe account with their Cardinal
Stritch email address and can check their progress through MobileServe, PowerSchool, or the
Campus Minister.
All S.O.S Service-Learning Hours are to be completed and submitted to the school by April 30.