Affording Stritch


STEP 1: Fill out and complete the Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy Scholarship and Financial Grant Application online. (


  • Note: There are scholarships available for grades K-12. This application MUST be completed online. No handwritten applications will be accepted.
  • Due: Friday, February 19 

STEP 2: Complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. (


  • Note: If you are applying for Scholarships, Grants or General Financial Aid you MUST complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment AND the Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy Scholarship and Financial Grant Application. There is no Financial Aid or Scholarships for Pre-School, only for grades K-12.
  • If your family qualifies for EdChoice and you think you may receive the Low Income status based off of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you DO NOT have to fill out FACTS Grant and Aid
  • Due: Friday, February 19

STEP 3: If your family is applying for the Catholic Parishioner/Kateri Deanery Grant, please find the form here.


  • Note: You will have to print off this form and have your Parish Priest and/or Representative sign this form to verify that your family is registered and active participants at your home parish.
  • Due: Tuesday, April 6

STEP 4: If your family is eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship (for grades K-12 only), the EdChoice Application and Renewal period for the 2021-2022 School Year opens on Monday, February 1.

STEP 5: New this Year! All families MUST attend one of the following Help Nights. These nights are to complete all registration materials including: FACTS Grant and Aid, Cardinal Stritch Scholarship Application and EdChoice documents. EdChoice families please be sure to bring in ALL needed paperwork and supporting documents. No scanned or emailed documents will be accepted.


  • Help Night Dates: 
Monday, February 22
Thursday, February 25

STEP 6: Pay the Registration Fee. The Registration Fee secures your student’s seat for the 2021-2022 school year. If you do not pay the Registration Fee by the due date your student may lose his/her seat.

  • Due: Tuesday, April 6

STEP 7: All families will be receiving tuition invoices, they will be mailed around the middle part of April. You must sign this tuition invoice and set up a Tuition Payment Plan through FACTS. Please address any questions you may have with the Finance Office.

  • Due: Friday, May 14


Common Questions
Is there financial aid available? 
Yes, there is! During the 2019-2020 school year, we awarded over 85% in scholarships, grants, and discounts to our K-12 students.
I filled out the Scholarship and Grant Application Form and sent it in to the school. Is there anything else I need to do?

Yes. If you are applying for financial grants, you must also complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment at  The application will be available beginning November 1st.  There is a fee to apply, paid directly to FACTS.  You must also mail, upload, or fax your most recent tax return and W-2 forms to FACTS in order for your application to be complete.  For early verification, submit your current completed tax return with all schedules and W2’s must also be uploaded. Please note it takes approximately two weeks for FACTS to process your tax documentation and the school cannot process a financial aid award until the tax documentation is received. We encourage all families to start the process as close to November 1st as possible. 

What happens after I fill out the Scholarship and Grant Application Form and apply online at

FACTS calculates the family’s estimated need and the school works to provide a financial aid package that will be realistic for the family. 

What if my family needs more aid after the first round is awarded?

Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy strives to make Catholic education affordable for all those who seek it. Families with financial hardships that do not receive adequate aid through the regular financial aid process should contact the Finance Office. Before contacting the Finance Office, all families must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment at


Do I need to reapply for financial assistance each year?

Yes. Since a family’s situation can change from year to year, financial aid is not automatically renewed. Financial aid applications must be submitted for each school year.

Are there other ways to make tuition affordable?

Yes, we offer tuition credits through the SCRIP program and the Kroger Community Rewards program. You can even start participating in these now to help for next year’s tuition! Many parishes also award scholarships to qualified applicants. Please contact your parish directly for more information.

When is tuition due?

We operate on a prepaid tuition system meaning that tuition must be paid by May 14th, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year. If you prepay tuition and your student does not attend the school for some reason, your tuition is fully refundable before the start of the school year. Fees are non-refundable.

I will not be able to pay the full tuition charge by the deadline of May 14th, 2021. What options are available to me?

Families can divide their tuition balance into monthly payments over 10 or 12 months.  All seniors must be paid in full by April of the year they are graduating (Parents of Seniors please contact Finance with questions). If you need to make monthly payments, you will need to sign up by May 14th, 2021 for the FACTS payment plan using the FACTS link on our website.  There is up to a $100 finance charge automatically added to the account if tuition is not paid in full by May 14th, 2021





Cardinal Stritch offers financial aid to accepted students based on their family’s demonstrated need. In order to determine family contribution, Cardinal Stritch uses the analysis of FACTS  Grant and Aid Assessment. Click here AND fill out the Cardinal Stritch Grant and Scholarship form.



In addition, FACTS will require you to submit a complete copy of your previous year tax returns and current year W2 form. All required materials must be submitted to FACTS before the student can be considered by the Financial Aid Committee.


Deadline submissions for FACTS GRANT/ AID and Scholarships Applications Due May 14th, 2021