Academy Life

Natures NurseryCardinal Stritch utilizes a cutting edge "whole student" approach to education. This means that we address the shaping and maturing of the entire student's academic, emotional, physical and spiritual development.
We recognize that in order to forge remarkability in our Cardinals, we have to begin introducing students to advanced concepts and then apply those concepts with practical exercise. In addition to this, many of our academy classes utilize dual teaching methods where each class has two teachers present during all blocks of instruction. This allows for more individual attention and opportunities for teaching staff to pull students aside to ensure they grasp the entirety of the concepts being taught.  
We love our amazing world class faculty and we encourage them to think outside the box when developing lesson plans. This is the essence of the "Cardinal Difference" our students experience. Our teachers are not burdened with administrative pressure to teach students how to simply pass a state distributed standardized test. Instead, our faculty teach our future leaders how to be successful. Early on during your student's time at Cardinal Stritch, they will be exposed to foreign language, religion, competitive sports, art and band to name a few of the amazing things offered in our building.