Ways to give

Thank you for considering a donation to Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy. Our students, teachers, and the entire community benefit from your generosity. We cannot continue to fulfill our mission without the continued support of donors like you!

While there are countless ways to support the school, the most common avenues are outlined below. If you are interested in exploring other opportunities for support, please contact the Advancement Office for more information. 
At Cardinal Stritch, we are making a difference and it is a lasting difference. Paticipating in the Cardinal Family Fund is a wonderful way to help us fulfill our mission and give back to a school community that gives us so much. All members of our community are asked to make the Cardinal Family Fund their first giving priority. No gift is too small and every gift is meaningful. 


A donation made in honor of a friend or loved one who has passed away is a great way to honor them. Your memorial donation, in support of the mission of Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy, helps create a lasting impact. Cardinal Stritch will make every effort to notify the family of the individual for whom a donation was made in memory of. 

Each August, in conjunction with the Party in the Cafe and class reunions, Stritch hosts the Alumni Memorial Mass. This Mass celebrates the lives of the members of the Cardinal Family who have passed away, within the last year.

Questions regarding Memorial Donations or the Alumni Memorial Mass can be directed to the Advancement Office. 

Scholarships & Financial Aid 

Attending a Catholic school is a dream come true for all of our students. For many families, the financial strain that tuition can cause can sometimes be too much. In order to attend Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy, nearly 80% of our students use some sort of financial aid. Without this support, a Cardinal Stritch education would not be possible for many of our students and families.

For more information, contact the Finance Office at school.