Our Mission


Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy is a leader in Catholic education. We challenge all students to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ in a family-oriented community that fosters academic and personal excellence.

Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy is a family of faith, knowledge, and strength.

Our History 
Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and Academy has a rich history of catering to the needs of students both spiritually and academically. With more than 60 years of Catholic education taking place in the same building, Cardinal Stritch has a rich history in forming disciples of Jesus Christ and preparing students for college and careers.

The Beginning 

Bishop George J. Rehring first broke ground for Stritch on September 21, 1960. The school became the sixth Catholic school in Metro-Toledo and is the only Catholic high school on the East Side of the city. The school was named after Cardinal Samuel Stritch, Toledo’s second Bishop who served from 1921 to 1930.

The school sits on a twenty-acre site. The building originally built to house Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School currently houses both the high school and academy.



Our Leadership 


1961-1969:  Msgr. Michael Walz - Principal


1969-1973: Rev. John Thomas - Principal


1973-1976: Rev. Frank Nieset - Principal


1976-1986: Sr. Louis de Montfort, OSF - Principal


1986-1991: Rev. Frank Murd - Principal


1991-1997: Rev. Robert Yeager - Principal


1997-2005: Rev. John Stites - Pastor/President


2005-2010: Rev. David Reinhart - President


2010-2019: Rev. Eric Schild - President


2019 to date Mr. William Berry - President/Head of School

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Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy has 521 students enrolled between preschool through 12th grade as of October 13, 2021.