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High School

The High School at Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy provides a historic and amazing experience. Throughout the school, students will see the names of our incredible alumni who have generously built this place to where we are today. We have plaques recognizing the amazing achievements of our school and the remarkable students who demonstrated the "Cardinal Difference" who walked these same halls and sat in the same classrooms. Our first class of freshman entered the building in1961 and we have grown ever since. 
High School students receiving the Cardinal Stritch experience will undergo our education of the "whole student" approach to their curriculum. This means that we address the shaping and maturing of the student's entire academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. We offer a competitive list of Honors, AP, and college credit plus courses. Physically, students have opportunities to compete in football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, track, cross country, and so many more. We even have our own e-sports team that competes virtually with other schools across the country. 
Student Elections
We recognize that knowledge is developed in the classroom, but personality and stylistic flair is developed in the fine arts. We have some really special fine art programs lead by some incredible people. Our programs and clubs strive to provide unique and real world experiences for our students. For example, our Cardinal Stritch Music Department will be going to Disney World to perform. Our students also have the opportunity to take off campus
trips within the community with retreats and historic field trips such as Washington D.C. or even something as simple as landmarks around Ohio with their class.
Overall, Cardinal Stritch offers a unique and special experience for your student and we would love to have you join our Cardinal Family.